Our Process

"You can't properly plan for the future without knowing where you are today"

Complimentary Consultation

While the nature of each meeting is unique, the purpose of this complimentary consultation is to get to know you and to understand what is important to you. In the process, you will learn who we are and how we can assist you in achieving your goals. Because finances are so personal, you should feel comfortable that the relationship is a good fit.

We want to hear how you feel about your current situation and discuss your planning needs, including any concerns and goals.  

What to bring?  It is not necessary to bring anything to this meeting, but the more information you share, the better we are able to assist you. 

Moving Forward

So that we are able to have a clear understanding of your financial picture, we gather and review any financial information you provide.  This information, and our discussions will give us a deeper understanding of your objectives and goals.  

Together, with the data gathered, we will build a personalized strategy (or plan) to help you reach your goals. The scope of this plan will depend on your individual situation.  Once you approve the plan we will put your plan into action!

Over time your financial needs are likely to change.  We suggest quarterly reviews to monitor your progress and make appropriate adjustments to assist you in reaching your goals!